A Birthday Reflection

Today marks the 60th year that I’ve been given on this fine planet earth. Yet it is not the most significant of birthdays. There is another.

Thirty seven years ago, by the grace and goodness of God, Christ lovingly called me to be his disciple and enter into a thrilling, Read More ⇒

Two New Books

I just pre-ordered two books, both by two favored authors of mine. C. Stephen Evans is a solid and seasoned Christian philosopher who is also an especially lucid writer. His work on Kierkegaard and Christian existentialism is some of the finest. Harold Netland‘s Dissonant Voices was one of the Read More ⇒

Context before Content

No one likes to be misunderstood and I suspect this is equally true of God. Of the many important interpretive principles I maintain are crucial for rightly interpreting a passage from the Bible (or anything written for that matter) is context before content. What I mean (at least) is Read More ⇒

Discipleship = Discipline

I’ve read a great deal on, taught through, and, most importantly, practiced the spiritual disciplines over the course of my new life in Christ (some 35+ years). Though gradually and sometimes quite slowly they churn and agitate, the spiritual disciplines are without doubt the most important habits to help form Read More ⇒

MAN UP! A Challenge to Every Male

This is a fine piece full of insight written by Jen Wilken who asks men to consider how we interact with women in ministry, in the church, and (I would argue) in the world. She enjoins us to follow a thought experiment about three female ghosts that “haunt staff meetings Read More ⇒

Thinking, Doing, Feeling, or Being?

This is so very good on so many levels. I was first introduced to Michael Ramsden several years ago on another audio talk and I was quickly endeared to his truly winsome style, eloquent speak, and intellectual prowess. I have since heard him speak personally and on many other venues Read More ⇒

Joyce Meyer-isms (Sigh!)

My good friend at Baker Books has an important post on studying the Bible where he (rightfully) calls out Joyce Meyer, a very “convincing” Bible teacher; at least convincing to those who are easily convinced (Did I say “naive?”). Meyer claims there are no “rules” for studying the Bible and Read More ⇒

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