“What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”

I’m reading through Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible by Joel B. Green. Utilizing philosophical categories, scientific findings from neuroscience, theological savvy, and a keen exegesis of the relevant biblical data, Green argues that humans are not, after all, a composite made up Read More ⇒

The Value of Real Education

This is compelling on so many fronts. Listen intently. Listen carefully. Learn the power of choice. Learn that despite your best efforts, the universe does not revolve around you.

H/T: Adam Omelianchuk

A Potshot at a Podcast around “Does God Exist?”

Just last week I was invited by a neighbor to join him in a discussion around the existence of God. It was a fun experience and my first ever podcast. While we did “wander” a wee bit (it is also a new experience for my host), I think you’ll find Read More ⇒

In Defense of John Calvin

I’m reading through Knowledge and Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga and thoroughly enjoying it. Hands down this is the best introduction to his brilliance and to what many have called Plantinga’s most important work, Warranted Christian Belief. Knowledge and Christian Belief is accessible to most and one of the Read More ⇒

“Lazarus, Come Out!”
A Sermon on John 11

It’s always a privilege to study God’s Word and a joy to present my findings to others. Not long ago I was asked if I would fill in the pulpit ministry at our local church while our pastor was out of the country visiting Turkey. With some hesitation I accepted, Read More ⇒


A Transformed Jesus

Not sure about you but I’m still on a post-Easter kick and can’t get over the fact that Easter is not just one day each year. Easter is everyday! To that end I offer this apologetic tidbit based upon a straightforward reading of the biblical texts.

Divine power did not Read More ⇒


Christian, Do You Know Who You Are?

Behind every New Testament command (often issued in an imperative) is the assumption that God’s Spirit is present in us to empower our will to act. It is by the Holy Spirit’s strength that we fulfill God’s righteous requirements for holy living (Rom 8:3-4; 13-14). In fact, without the Spirit’s Read More ⇒

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