Inclusive Language and the NIV 2011

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, check out Rod Decker’s post: Wayne Grudem’s use of inclusive language. Be sure and read the comments (warning: for the comments, put on your technical grammar hat!). Especially see Decker’s comment:

The detractors [of the NIV 2011] have lists

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Why Christian Hedonism? or How to Refute a Stoic

Paul Helm, emminent philosopher and theologian, has a great piece on John Piper’s Christian hedonism and some reflections on The Pastor as Scholar, the Scholar as Pastor. Here’s how he concludes:

The alternative to adopting Piper’s hedonism is not to become Stoics. Augustine said: I refute Stoicism with two

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Erasing Hell

Keep in mind that we’re not simply trying to settle a doctrinal issue. We’re talking about people’s destinies. The thought that someone may end up banking on a second chance after they die even though the biblical authors never explicitly said this is … well …

These are eternal

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Blomberg on the Updated NIV

Craig Blomberg has some important insights on why the updated NIV is the best rendering of Matthew 5:32. He writes:

The updated NIV nicely captures the passive sense with its “makes her the victim of adultery.” It is also the first major English translation to do so.

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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Male Headship: What God Does Not Say

Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers by John Goldingay is a valuable collection of essays that are broad in scope touching on everything from tithing and circumcision to prayer and suffering. One essay caught my attention and suggests a cautious hermeneutic when seeking to find timeless principles from Read More ⇒

Jesus as Temple

A few days ago a car wash attendant saw the book Jesus the Temple in my hand and enthusiastically queried, “Hey, is that a book about Jesus?” I said, “Well, yes. It’s about the Jewish temple showing Jesus as a kind of new temple. It also highlights the historical, cultural, Read More ⇒

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