“He shall rule over you”….but no longer

Here’s an interesting twist by Andrew Perriman that Paul conceded male dominance since,

[he] was stuck with patriarchy, just as he was stuck with slavery. It would have done more harm than good to the fledgling Christian movement to have attempted to overthrow the social order. Under those conditions, it

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Why Philosophy Matters to Your Faith

James Anderson has nicely and simply captured a major reason why philosophical assumptions matter in understanding world religions, including Christianity. In a word (or picture) it is:

Check out his “Why I Am Not a Panentheist”.

“I and the Father are one”

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Jehovah who?”

“Jehovah’s Witnesses who do not believe that Jesus and Jehovah are one in essence.”

My good friend from Birmingham, Alabama called me a few days ago and indicated he had Jehovah’s Witnesses come to his home. Being passionate for the non-Christian (who wouldn’t Read More ⇒

How are Hobby Lobby, CNN, and the Book of Romans Connected?

Go here to find out.

HT: Baker Book House Church Connection

Deborah: Agent of the Divine Agenda

Nijay Gupta has a good read on Deborah from Judges over at CBE. Here’s his conclusion.

I don’t think Judges promotes gender equality as a primary point. However, Deborah makes all the difference by implication. She is a reliable prophet (who speaks from the wisdom of God), and a

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Social Activism vis-à-vis Spiritual Activism

Growing up in Texas, I remember public laundry mats, restrooms, and drinking fountains with signs over them stating “Whites Only.” Shocking, I know. But very true and very sad. So much of our nation has been renewed and reformed by the costly efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. Doubtless Read More ⇒

“My point in all this is a simple one…”

I judge that a couple has an egalitarian marriage insofar as neither one makes any decision or takes any action that affects both without advice and consent of the other….
If a person does NOT agree with that, then I worry that he or she is in a hierarchical, dysfunctional

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