World Reformed Fellowship: Statement of Faith

I want to read this from the World Reformed Fellowship. Michael Bird states:

The purpose of the new confession was (1) to provide a statement of faith that would be agreed upon by Reformed churches that used different Reformed confessions from the Westminster Standards (Scottish) to the Three Forms

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Proverbial Pensées, Part 31 of 31

I began this series indicating that the primary purpose is for me to stay regularly in the inspired text and that my desire was to post in this series no less than once per week. By God’s grace, this post meets that goal. As originally stated, these are my musings Read More ⇒

William Lane Craig: Apologetics Video Offerings

Perhaps the most articulate and prolific defender of historic Christianity today is William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith. Having read much of his writing and listened to countless hours of his podcasts, debates, and heard him live several times, he has had more impact on Christian apologetics than just Read More ⇒

Why not rather be wronged?

In 1 Cor 6 Paul says sharply:

The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?

Where is this spirit of deference? Why must we always have the last word or win the Read More ⇒

Proverbial Pensées, Part 30 of 31

Two more posts to go in this series. It’s been refreshing to spend consistent time thinking and musing over Proverbs. Hopefully I’ve gained some wisdom and it’s made (is making) a difference in my life as well as in my head.

“Know thyself” —Socrates
“Know your limitations” —God (Prov Read More ⇒

Proverbial Pensées, Part 29 of 31

Learn by your mistakes, otherwise there is a point of no return (Prov 29:1).

Words of praise must be carefully weighed (Prov 29:5).

Integrity exacts a heavy price tag (Prov 29:10).

The foolish and wicked are easily identified (Prov 29:7-9, 11).

Disciplined children are a great reward (Prov 29:15; 17). Read More ⇒

Proverbial Pensées, Part 28 of 31

Fear drives the wicked but courage is the lot of the wise (Prov 28:1).

Multiple leaders may intimate foolish followers (Prov 28:2).

Ignorance loves company (Prov 28:4) and riches can hinder objectivity (Prov 28:11).

Wealth is relative (Prov 28:6).

Moderation is a virtue….always (Prov 28:7).

Obedience is a necessary ingredient Read More ⇒

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