Proverbial Pensées, Part 29 of 31

Learn by your mistakes, otherwise there is a point of no return (Prov 29:1).

Words of praise must be carefully weighed (Prov 29:5).

Integrity exacts a heavy price tag (Prov 29:10).

The foolish and wicked are easily identified (Prov 29:7-9, 11).

Disciplined children are a great reward (Prov 29:15; 17).

What God reveals is good for us because boundaries are good for us (Prov 29:18).

Consequence management yields high productivity (Prov 29:19; 21).

Calculated speech is precious (Prov 29:20).

Self-aggrandizement yields shame whereas meekness promotes honor (Prov 29:23).

Seeking God’s favor is the only kind that counts (Prov 29:26).

Oil and water; the righteous and the wicked (Prov. 29:27).

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Paul D. Adams

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