Either God is or he is not. You must decide. Life is moving forward and we are all active participants, not distant observers who can choose to remain indifferent. The fact of death is before us all and we must wager. If God does not exist it does not matter how you choose because you’ve got nothing to lose and nothing to win. If God does exist your only chance of eternal happiness is to believe. If God does exist your only chance of losing eternal happiness is to refuse to believe. As Blaise Pascal put it:

“I should be much more afraid of being mistaken and then finding out that Christianity is true than of being mistaken in believing it to be true….Let us weigh up the gain and the loss involved in calling heads that God exists. Let us assess the two cases: if you win, you win everything: if you lose, you lose nothing. Do not hesitate then: wager that he does exist.”

From my essay “Why Believe God Exists?”


The 2012 Smart Faith Conference begins June 8, 2012 at 4:30 PM.

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