A Potshot at a Podcast around “Does God Exist?”

Just last week I was invited by a neighbor to join him in a discussion around the existence of God. It was a fun experience and my first ever podcast. While we did “wander” a wee bit (it is also a new experience for my host), I think you’ll find Read More ⇒


A Transformed Jesus

Not sure about you but I’m still on a post-Easter kick and can’t get over the fact that Easter is not just one day each year. Easter is everyday! To that end I offer this apologetic tidbit based upon a straightforward reading of the biblical texts.

Divine power did not Read More ⇒

Two New Books

I just pre-ordered two books, both by two favored authors of mine. C. Stephen Evans is a solid and seasoned Christian philosopher who is also an especially lucid writer. His work on Kierkegaard and Christian existentialism is some of the finest. Harold Netland‘s Dissonant Voices was one of the Read More ⇒

Thinking, Doing, Feeling, or Being?

This is so very good on so many levels. I was first introduced to Michael Ramsden several years ago on another audio talk and I was quickly endeared to his truly winsome style, eloquent speak, and intellectual prowess. I have since heard him speak personally and on many other venues Read More ⇒

To Love or Not to Love

My good friend (and former advisor at Denver Seminary) Doug Groothuis has a brief post showing the problem with love from the eastern worldview angle (some Buddhist and Hindu). Given the metaphysical building blocks used to construct the eastern worldview, he asserts it’s not possible to hold on to Read More ⇒

Masking the Evidence for Earliest New Testament Document

Exited to see this. Can’t wait for the publication later this year to learn more on dating. Here’s a blurb from the Live Science article.

This first-century gospel fragment was written on a sheet of papyrus that was later reused to create a mask that was worn by a

Read More ⇒

Apologetics Beyond Reason: A Summary Review

Apologetics Beyond Reason ventures into nontraditional territory when it comes to classic apologetics. Although I’m familiar with Sire’s other work and have valued greatly from it, this title grabbed my attention. Coming from the analytic tradition, I was intrigued how one might get “beyond reason” when defending the Christian faith Read More ⇒

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