Often times I hear people say things like “All we can do is pray” or “Just pray; there’s nothing more we can do.” I have always wondered what kind of mindset this portrays about the power and purpose of prayer. Does this suggest that prayer is a last resort when seeking to alter some negative event? Is prayer simply the tail end of other activities we’ve tried only to find we’re left with only one option to change our circumstances? A kind of resignation that says “Okay. I’ve done all that I know to do; now all I can do is pray.” Hum…

True, prayer may be all that we can do; but it’s equally true that prayer, most often, is all that we need to do. Prayer, at its deepest level, is an explicit acknowledgement of our dependency upon God. It’s far more than a mere resignation or last resort.

When we feel that prayer is all that we can do, chances are it is all that we need do. Indeed, let us “just pray.”

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  1. I have a quick story to share, that’s fairly relevant.

    I recently had to rush my daughter to the ER. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and in a lot of pain. I comforted, and loved her the best I could as I drove like mad up the street. She continued to let me know (rather loudly) how much pain she was in. “Daddy it hurts so bad! What are they going to do?! Daddy, why is it taking so long?! It hurts so bad! I want them here.” All I could do was hold her, love her, and comfort her. Everything else was out of my hands.

    I say this because all the while (25 or 35 minutes), I failed to pray. At least I don’t remember praying. I couldn’t believe it. So when it hit me, of course I got right to it. And shortly after, she began to calm, and the pain began to subside. Shock finally kicking in? Perhaps. But either way, I give God the credit.

    In the midst of the tears, cries for help, pleads for the pain to go away, my focus was on my daughter and was such a blessing and wonderful opportunity to be there for her. To hold and love her. But… thru this experience… I see it clearly now. By not being as disciplined in prayer as I need to be, and when the difficult circumstances came along (’cause they will), I was not prepared. Yes, my response was very good. But I pray my REACTION next time is to seek help and healing thru prayer… immediately.

    Oh, in case someone’s wondering, my daughter’s fine!

  2. Whew…so glad to hear the cutest child on the planet is okay! Daughters and dads are a special combination and I can’t bear to know my little girl (albeit 25 yrs old and counting!) is in pain. Speaking of daughters and dads, I remember a fine book written some years back called (you guessed it) Daughters and Dads: Building a Lasting Relationship. It melted my heart on not a few occassions. Highly recommended to all.

    I’m thankful to know that prayer is on your heart during times of distress. Naturally, emergencies bring out our true character as you note and it’s important to realize areas for growth, if even post hoc. That you do recognize the need to pray during a crisis is a true sign of our Father’s Spirit in you. Take heart that your Father’s presence is with you and in you showing you the way to become the father he desires you to be!

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