Dr. Gordon Lewis, previously senior professor of Christian philosophy and theology at Denver Seminary, once said to me, “The Holy Spirit does not work in a vacuum; he works with content.” This is reasonable since God’s Spirit is a person and persons use words as a primary tool to communicate. Granted, words are not the only means of communication between persons but even “impressions” or “inklings” are communicated in terms that can be understood as well as felt. As I recall, Dr. Lewis was speaking to the importance of pursuing a biblical world view; that is, being informed by Scripture about our world. Naturally, to have a biblical world view requires a basic understanding of the Bible. Yet I’ve encountered not a few Christians who are seemingly malnourished and, well, rather ignorant of a general knowledge of their Bibles. Quite frankly they live out their Christian lives by thinking with their hearts and feeling with their heads preferring to follow the “Spirit,” as if God’s Spirit works independently of Scripture or in a vacuum. Why do you think this is so?

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