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Prepare yourself for a word from heaven.

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  1. Excellent! And, she’s right. The church has forgotten who it is we serve, especially here in the U.S., and what He requires of us.

    If you want to read more on the subject, there’s a book called “Grand Theft Jesus” by Robert S. McElvaine that discusses this subject. McElvaine tends to harp on specific “demons” that annoy him, but his thesis is the same as Blair’s. We’ve allowed ourselves to be captivated by false prophets; we serve the image we have of Jesus, rather than the real Jesus Christ. Instead, we should be wearing out our knees and our Bibles, asking for forgiveness for forgetting who Jesus is, and re-learning the truth.

  2. Mmmmm. Absolutely divine. Talk about a righteous anger, piercing through the ‘mess that we’ve made of it’. Lord, may I have an acute passion for YOU and your truth only. Please give me discernment.

    Thanks for sharing Paul. I needed to hear this.

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