I came across this meditation entitled “Your Redeemer Lives.” Please take the time and read it. The author writes:

I am reminded of something Thomas Schmidt writes in his wonderful little book A Scandalous Beauty. Throughout several short meditations on the cross of Christ, Schmidt crafts brilliant and penetrating images of the gospel, none as penetrating as when he reflects on the loss of his young daughter, Susanna. In the conclusion of his book, in the Postscript to his collection of redemptive stories, Schmidt reflects on Revelation’s promise of a new heavens and a new earth. He writes:
“It matters to me that this is true, not merely interesting, not merely comforting. The chaos of this life, the flood waters, have closed over my head. Yet I choose against despair. I believe that death will one day die, that the love of God will prevail. In the meantime, even if the rest of my path lies in shadow, I will follow the Lamb in trust and in hope — until I see Susanna again. It may be that faith is no more and no less a choice between the words “it may be so” and “I will live as if it is so.”

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