The funny thing about truth is ….
There is a distinction between matters of taste and matters of fact. Consider these two statements:

  • Chile makes the best Merlot.
  • Arizona is nearer to California than Vermont.

Sincerity and truth are not the same.

  • I can sincerely believe that running across a highway at 4pm on a Friday is safe, but be “dead” wrong.
  • Reality is indifferent to how strongly we hold to our beliefs.
  • The content of a belief and the conviction of a belief must be distinguished.

Tolerance and truth are not the same.

  • Respecting differences between varying beliefs does not invalidate the notion that some beliefs are more informed than others.
  • If all truth is relative, then why not get rid of laws against slander, dismiss all scientific findings, and ignore historical data as bogus conspiracies?

Some truths are self-evident, need no defense, and are the building blocks for human rights that are true everywhere for everyone.

Truth is not an entity in itself, nor does it reside in a proposition. Rather truth is a relationship between a proposition and the world that it describes.

The truth of a statement or belief depends on its relationship to something that lies outside the words used to describe that belief. Consider: “I believe there are no clouds in the sky.” is true if, and only if, there are no clouds in the sky. Truth, therefore, is agreement between words and facts or the reality toward which they point.


  1. That video was hysterical! I have had that conversation so many times! Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed.

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