In a previous post I mentioned that my wife and I are under a lot of stress from many angles. Well, nothing’s changed except that a few more “opportunities for growth” have emerged. And, the stress factor has increased accordingly. But (and this is a theological “but;” see Ephesians 2:4 for my favorite instance of a theological “but”), yesterday on the way to work I was reminded by the Lord of how precious it is to travel this stressful road together with a godly wife. She earnestly and persistently seeks God’s will and ways in the details.

Without skipping a beat, my wife’s faith is stellar in every way! I simply cannot imagine experiencing all these trials while being married to someone whose heart is elsewhere. We plead with God together, we reflect on how God is moving in the midst of our circumstances together, we openly discuss our musings together, we long together for the same outcomes, we hike together and spontaneously praise God along the way for the good we can see, we go on long walks in our neighborhood together and share how our workday has gone. We are together in every way and for this I am thankful!

The Apostle Paul writes “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6). The attitude in which we present our requests to God is one of “thanksgiving.” How can we possibly be thankful to God for the things or people that cause us stress without simultaneously holding to a strong sense of God’s sovereignty? It is in the midst of extreme suffering that the Hebrew believers are encouraged to “continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise” (Hebrews 13:15). This necessarily entails an attitude of thanksgiving to God for how he sovereignly uses the pressures of life to bring about our growth and his glory (see Genesis 50:20). Hence, thankfulness is related to our sense of and belief in God’s meticulous sovereignty.

My wife has a deep understanding of God’s sovereignty and her abiding trust shows it. I cannot tell you how many times I have mentioned to her about circumstances or people that worry me and, almost without fail, her first response is “Have you prayed about it?” I admit at times that it bothers me she would not enter into my lamentations. At the same time, I’ve no question whatsoever that she really does deeply trust God’s sovereignty over all things. Not only do I admire her but I cherish her for the gift she is to me.

An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels.

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  1. Paul – this was so beautiful. What a moving and tender tribute to your wife. I am so blessed by this – what a wonderful thing to hear a husband acknowledge how his wife is a gift to him.

    May the Lord bless you both as you trust Him to provide all your needs and work all things out for the good. May He be a wall of fire around you to keep you from all evil.

    God bless you both & thank you so much for this post!

  2. In bringing up Philippians 4:6…as we pray, and make “supplications” (my translation says) we have the “radical” trust in God to give thanksgiving?…Do we really trust God enough to offer thanks to Him? And then let it go…and move on to verse 7; “ And the peace of God that passes all comprehension [understanding] shall [will] guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” An amazing thing to let God do to you!…

  3. Thanks! Precious are the prayers of the saints for the saints!!

  4. Ah…good words, Lisa…good words, indeed! There does seem to be a progression here and some dependencies. God’s peace results from our deep abiding. “The soul is restless until it finds its rest in Thee” (Augustine). Thanks for sharing and may God work in us his rest.

  5. If only I could learn these lessons…. -sf

  6. How can I get past the shortfalls? “A deep understanding of God’s sovereignty” “abiding trust”…

    “How can we possibly be thankful to God for the things or people that cause us stress”.

    Sometimes when walking through buildings, you notice that the building designer has placed a convex mirror high on a corner of a corridor to show what might be coming the other way, so that you can either move aside, let it pass or choose a different path to avoid collision and conflict. I only wish there was one of these at the corner of every turning point in life.

    Times recent past have put me in situations where I have made an absolute shambles of my choices for the required next steps and how to take them. If my heart had been right, and my eyes had been on God it would not have mattered. It would have been part of a jouney that built and perfected, only enhancing my relationship with the father.

    Of course, the rebellious and stubborn human in me just gets grumpy. This is when I get to play dominoes with God. There’s just one thing that leads to another and another, and the long line of tiles starts to tumble.

    Finally I am on my knees to God asking Him to remove that one next tile in the line so that whatever happened up until now can no longer knock forward into the rest of my life and continue to put down that which only He can hold up… if I let Him.

    I too have a Godly Wife… WOFAP was an acronym coined by a pastor friend of ours in Michigan; Woman of Faith and Prayer. She is in submission to God’s will – it’s amazing. Without her I would be completely out on my own; no wife – no God, and in due course, no doubt, no me! If only I could better understand that mechanism of submission to the Father I would be walking straighter and faster. In the meantime, I am constantly at odds with everything around me, proving that it’s me that has the power and right of control. Nopers. Oh the words are easy. The fruition is hard.

    One day, just one day, maybe, I’ll get it.

    Thanks, Paul. This entry really spoke into my life.


  7. Hey Simon,
    So very nice to hear from you! Not sure I would want the mirrors and see what’s coming, since I would likely create worse circumstances if I knew. Walking by faith and not by sight is a far safer path for me. ;->

    Stay on your knees, brother, and I’ll join you there. Together we’ll lean on God while learning from our brides!!


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