This is a tremendously moving and inspiring example of a passionate man immersed in God’s Word and sold out to God’s purposes. Please consider taking the time to listen. After quoting Scripture from memory for almost 5 minutes, the sermon begins at ~5:00. But do not skip ahead. Take in God’s Word and let it have its way with you!

David Platt: SBC Pastors Conference 2009 on Vimeo.

HT: Zac via e-mail


  1. Powerful. How different would our world be if every believer had a passion for God’s word and His glory as this man. It was truly convicting, in several ways. I am now making it a priority in my life to memorize scripture, starting with the three chapters of Psalms that he quoted (148-150).

    We have been created with one purpose to give all praise to God “for his name alone is exalted” (Psalms 148:13.

  2. Yes indeed, ingesting God’s Word and having it in our minds and on our hearts is powerful. Sadly, some justify not memorizing with something like “That’s a pastor. He’s supposed to know God’s Word!”

  3. That is why we need to teach all believers that each one of them is a pastor and a teacher, just not all will stand up before hundreds or thousands on Sundays, but it may just be sitting before one or two teaching them ordinances and statutes of God.

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