It no surprise to readers of this blog that I am a biblical egalitarian regarding gender roles in the Church, home, and society (see my series here for just a few reasons). I just stumbled upon this post titled “Feminist Sensibilities as an Issue for Christian Apologists” by Doug Geivett. Doug has managed to mesh the apologetic task with roles of men and women in a unique way. He writes:

The Church may be confronted with a growing generation of women who were raised “in a Christian environment,” and who find it hard to reconcile all that they have observed about roles with what their instincts (informed by prevalent cultural messages) tell them is fair and just. So attrition among women within the Church is a real possibility.

If I’m right, then the task of apologetics—of demonstrating the rationality of Christianity and its aptness for finding meaning at the deepest level of human desire—is not limited to showing that Christianity is true, on the basis of reasonable argument, but also showing that Christianity is attractive in the way that it makes sense of life. And that cuts to the core of individual identity. And individual identity is intimately tied to maleness and femaleness.

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