Amen to Peace in Bible Translations

One of my favorite professors while in seminary has an excellent article calling for peace in Bible translations. Check out Craig Blomberg’s excellent “Hoping for a Peace Treaty in the Bible Wars.”

For the latest news on the updated NIV for 2011, browse here.

For information on The Committee for Bible Translation see here.

2 thoughts on “Amen to Peace in Bible Translations”

  1. A great article. The subject of Bible translations is a subject that I have waaay too much familiarity with as a college freshmen. I’ve been involved with KJV-Only war and it is not pretty. In my junior year in high school I wrote a massive research paper dedicated to busting the KJV-Only movement, and it was a hard thing research people who were intentionally trying to tear the body of Christ apart with revised history, slander, and intentional deciet, all in the name of Christ.

    The church doesn’t need to adopt a specific translation. It needs to adopt the Bible. The translation is a broken mirror that reflects a perfect face, and they all have flaws. No single translation can save somebody – only the Word of God can save someone. Let’s start distinguishing between method and message and let’s preach the Gospel. Let’s not preach a translation.

  2. But don’t you know, the KJV was the one Jesus used!


    Good article, though. I enjoy having a variety of translations to work from, and I find it helps to understand a bit about the translation philosophy while reading the same verse in several versions.

    At the risk of inciting a flame war, I personally favour the NLT for reading and the NIV for study. I also have a Good News, KJV and NKJV, but they don’t get as much use.

    And when all else fails, the Manga Bible is awesome… 🙂

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