Apologetics in Church Ministry

Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 begins a series of posts featuring essays on integrating and implementing apologetics in your church. The line up includes my essay previously featured here titled “Why Apologetics is Important to Your Church“.

Why a series like this? Brian states:

The goal of this project is a simple one: to share stories, experiences, and advice that will help Christians to start their own local apologetics initiatives. Whether you be a pastor, youth pastor, teacher, elder, or lay person, this series of short essays could hold the keys you need to get things started in your own local congregation.

Check out this impressive set of essays. But more importantly, design an apologetics ministry in your church and deploy it in your philosophy of ministry so every member may define, declare, and defend the wonderful truth claims of Christianity to a world that desperately seeks answers!

Here is the schedule and table of contents:

Sep 10 – Introduction – Brian Auten
Sep 13 – An Apologetic for Apologetics – Tawa Anderson
Sep 14 – Why Apologetics is Important to Your Church – Paul D. Adams
Sep 15 – Apologetics, the Church, and Cultural Relevance – Vocab Malone
Sep 16 – Take the Scenic Route – Peter Grice
Sep 17 – Cultivating a Local Church Apologetics Ministry – Chad Gross
Sep 20 – Apologetics Functions in the Community – Carolyn Horne
Sep 21 – Beginning an Apologetics Class – Derek Jarrard
Sep 22 – Starting a Church Apologetics Ministry – Daniel Hannon
Sep 23 – How We Got Apologetics in Our Church – Marcus McElhaney
Sep 24 – Getting Apologetics in the Local Church – Ron Pantalena
Sep 27 – Apologetics Training in the Church – Mikel Del Rosario
Sep 28 – What I Learned While Teaching Apologetics in Church – Daniel A. Ashworth
Sep 29 – Forming Local Church Apologetics Society – Adrian Urias
Sep 30 – Leading Apologetics in Small Groups – Mark Tabladillo
Oct 1 – Apologetics Movie Night – Nate Harmony
Oct 4 – Apologetics in the House Church – Wes Widner
Oct 5 – Apologetics in a Rural Setting – Shelby Cade
Oct 6 – Starting a Reasonable Faith Chapter – Brian Auten
Oct 7 – Preaching to the Choir? Intentionally Apologetic Sermons – Tawa Anderson
Oct 8 – Resources for Getting Started

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