It’s been said that if a person learning biblical Greek can master the Greek genitive case, Greek prepositions, and Greek participles, then he/she is well on their way to understanding biblical Greek. (Of course, the verb system is no small challenge either.) One of the highly significant issues right now is whether or not the phrase pistis Christou (πίστις Χριστοῦ) in Galatians 2:16 should be translated the “faith of Christ” (meaning Christ’s own faithfulness) or “faith in Christ” (meaning our faith in Christ). You can see a good discussion of this now over at and Dr. Blomberg’s response and Dr. Bird’s response, among others.

Below is a diagram that I cleaned up a wee bit from my Greek exegesis class with Dr. Blomberg (almost 16 years ago!). Of course, a flow chart will not settle the matter mentioned above, but for those learning or re-learning Greek, the image below can help show the importance of learning the Greek genitive case. [Click the image to enlarge/print]

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  1. Thanks for this Paul. One of the reasons I’m getting back my Greek is because I found I was having a harder and harder time following debates like the pistis Christou one. The nuances of the debate were going right over my head. Your chart is great example of this. I can read it but my Greek is so rusty I can’t make much of it. This furthers my desire to get back what I spent two long years investing in.

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