Tim Kimberley at Credo House Ministries has begun a new series entitled “Top Ten Theologians” and he starts with Irenaeus. It’s well worth the read and gives an excellent primer on this important figure. Here’s a snippet:

Irenaeus becomes the first human being to fully articulate the extent of the Word of God. He classifies as Scripture not only the entire Old Testament but most of the books known today as the New Testament. He quotes from 21 of the 27 New Testament books, while clearly excluding many Gnostic books which had been flourishing in the 2nd century. Where Marcion only accepted a heavily edited form of Luke’s gospel, Irenaeus asserted there were four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Wanna know who Marcion was or what Gnostic means? Check out TOP TEN THEOLOGIANS: #10 – IRENAEUS. You’ll come away knowing not only about Iranaeus but a lot about 2nd Century Christianity.


  1. Great link Paul. I love the chart on Gnosticism. Last time I was with Mike Wittmer I asked if he would consider doing a 4-6 week workshop for local pastors on “Theologians You Should Know.” He was very receptive. I hope to have it ready for the Spring 2012 and have it here in the store.

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