When I pray, I must remember…

  • Prayer, fundamentally, is an expression of my dependence upon God.
  • My purpose in prayer is to glorify God by seeing him actively accomplish his will here on earth. God, not me, must be the focus of all my prayers and it is his will and not my own that I must pursue.
  • Submission and solitude are essential ingredients in Jesus’ prayer life and should be in mine as well.
  • Thankfulness for God’s movement in the lives of my brothers and sisters allows me the opportunity to see God’s work in others.
  • Prayer for knowing God better, gaining special insight into my eternal hope, and for power to live for God’s glory should eclipse all other requests. A depth of insight into the limitless dimensions of Christ’s love for me can only be gained by prayer.
  • When I pray, I must emphasize a growing love for others, pure and blameless living, and all that accommodates my maturity in Christ.
  • When I pray I must make sure that I ask God to work in and through circumstances, rather than merely change them.
  • God is more interested in me than in what I want and he occasionally denies my requests so that his glory and my good will be optimal.

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