This was shocking from Larry Hurtado’s blog! Good grief!! How and why in the world would a scholar who studies the divine text, which absolutely and unequivocally prohibits and condemns this kind of abuse, be led to believe he may engage in such behavior!? Hurtado notes:

I share the offence of women who have been subjected to such unsought and demeaning advances and pressures. The men who engage in this behaviour aren’t macho or admirable in the least. This isn’t innocent sexual behaviour. I repeat that it’s an abuse of power and of trust. Whatever their scholarly contributions, in these attitudes and actions, these particular guys are a disgrace to their position and their universities, and a blight upon the discipline. I’m embarrassed that they’re members of my sex and of my scholarly guild. (For me, it’s even more embarrassing that these are scholars in my field. Obviously, they are immune to the sexual standards advocated in the texts that they studied for many years.)

May God have mercy.

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