Reading through and reflecting on Proverbs 2, I find the following observations.

God is the source of wisdom (2:6). It comes from nowhere else. This is so obvious that I’m ashamed to even write this. Yet, it’s imperative I know, and evidently the biblical author felt it necessary to say, that no other source than God himself contains the knowledge, understanding, discernment, and profoundly helpful advice necessary for living a fulfilled life. I need to hear this again and again because so many other voices in this world, and in this heart, seek to drown out the whisper of God’s wisdom.

Apparently our pursuit of wisdom from God is the condition of him granting it (cf. also Jm 1:5). Otherwise, why are we told to “call out,” “cry aloud,” “look for,” and “search for it as for hidden treasure?” Naturally, this raises a question. How many times have I forfeited God’s blessing simply because I did not seek his wisdom first before decisioning important events in my life? I wish I did not even have to ask this. But I do….. And so the way forward is simple. Increasing the number of times I ask God for wisdom (and waiting for him to grant it) decreases the number of times I have ask the “how many times” question.

When we pursue the wisdom God gives, then certain outcomes manifest. There are, of course, no guarantees that these outcomes will always occur. There are too many instances, in Scripture and out, where God has shown he will not be reduced to a mere formula. Nevertheless, the likelihood of these outcomes increases exponentially when we fulfill the condition of seeking God’s wisdom. They are: prosperity and safety (2:7-8; 20-21), prudent living that adorns our lives (2:16-19), and fidelity in relationships to protect us from the lure of adulterous pleasures (2:20-22).

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