The writer of Proverbs 8 has chosen personification (attributing person-like qualities to non-personal entities) as the vehicle for issuing the clarion challenge to pursue wisdom. As mentioned previously, wisdom is found in God alone (Prov 2:6; cf. Jm 1:5). Thus, pursuing wisdom is tantamount to pursuing God (though wisdom is not God, God is wise. Cf. Rom 16:27).

Just as opportunity for moral failure lurks everywhere all the time, so too does wisdom stand ready and willing to protect, guard, guide, and redeem us from sin’s lure. Wisdom is ubiquitous, accessible, and no respecters of persons; she avails herself to all (Prov 8:4). If only we look for her, she will be found (Prov 8:2-3). By spending our life pursuing wisdom we’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not one moment consumed during the pursuit will be in vain. Everything secured from our striving will be of immense value as wisdom infuses her virtue into our lives. Truth, prudence, justice, discernment, instruction, knowledge, moral discretion, insight to govern, riches, and honor (Prov 8:5-21); all these abilities (and more) are found and increased when we find wisdom. There is nothing in this universe more valuable than these. They are priceless.

As composer and conductor of the universe, the Lord employed wisdom to bring forth all there is in the material universe (Prov 8:22-29). Wisdom displaces chaos with order; confusion with clarity; aimlessness and vanity with purpose and meaning. It is striking to think this same tool used by God to form the heavens and the earth is available to help us navigate life! No one of sound mind would forfeit the opportunity to take hold of wisdom.

An implied premise throughout Proverbs 8 is: Given that wisdom is found in God alone and that wisdom predates the existence of all things material (humans included), then she does not and cannot naturally reside in nor originate from humans. Wisdom, therefore, must be pursued by humans if it is to be found in humans. This is so obvious but must be said time and time again. GET WISDOM!

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