This series in Proverbs continues with chapter nine, where wisdom and foolishness are juxtaposed and a parity of accessibility exists for each.

Wisdom rests upon seven pillars; she is complete, optimal, flourishing; always at her best and at the apex of her existence. Not one thing more can be added to her and nothing can ever be subtracted. Her meal is fully prepared. In this state of perfection, she invites all to join her table and partake of her rich nourishment for life and avoid the famine that simplicity and foolishness produce (Prov 9:1-6).

Though wisdom is available to all, not all will appreciate her applicability. Dispensing wisdom must be done with discernment, knowing one’s audience at all times. Otherwise, it is lost on the recipient. Because it is so precious and valuable, it must never be waisted. Those who value it want more; those who do not value it, despise its relevance. Those who are wise will grow in wisdom. Those who are foolish will only spurn wisdom’s counsel (Prov 9:7-9).

As wisdom is accessible to all (Prov 8:2-4), so too is foolishness (Prov 9:14-18). Neither is a respecter of persons. This suggests that everyone has equal opportunity to obtain either. And, if everyone has equal opportunity, then no one is naturally endowed with more wisdom or foolishness than another. All are equally accountable to pursue or forsake either.

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