Chances are if we’re living lives that are pleasing to God, then we’re likely to find favor with those who lead us (Prov 21:1). While it’s no sure guarantee that favor from our leaders indicates we’re living rightly before God, it is a metric to consider.

Sacrificial living has limited value (Prov 21:3). Some things are simply more important!

The innocent and the guilty are known by the paths they take toward achieving their ends. To deviate is to move toward a goal in a roundabout way; to side-step around the natural course and straightforward means of achieving one’s goals. Hence a devious person is one who is cunning, secret, and unscrupulous. Conversely, one whose ways are honorable and open, who takes the most obvious path toward a desired end has the moral rectitude for reaching a goal with nobility and respect (Prov 21:8).

Not all inconveniences are created equal. Some are more worthy than others (Prov 21:9, 19).

There is some value in seeing others punished. When a person at work is suddenly dismissed due to ethical violations, an expectation of the company is that others will be less likely to commit the same offense (Prov 21:11).

Justice is a double-edged sword serving up a portion to the righteous and to the wicked (Prov 21:15). Either way, justice is served and everyone benefits from her portion.

Poverty is the plight of the glutton (Prov 21:17). Hedonism is hardly endorsed by Scripture, but moderation is (Prov 21:20; see also Prov 20:1).

God is sovereign (Prov 21:30). Period!

Though we must be diligent in life (Prov 21:31a), any and all accomplishments are solely from God (Prov 21:31b).

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