No pretense here as this series continues avec seulement mes pensées (with merely my thoughts) on the text.

Prov 23:1-8 speaks to moderating our lives in food, drink, and wealth. Apart from regulating the amount them, craving more and more of them can be deadly. Do not indulge in excess (Prov 23:20-21). Some may ask “Who’s to say how much is too much? Where’s the line to be drawn on indulgence?”, to which I respond “How many hairs are necessary to count as a beard?” No one knows, but you do know a beard when you see one! One half glass of wine may be one person’s limit, while 2 may be another’s. But everyone has a limit. Know thyself! “Okay” you may say, “but how do we moderate our wealth if we have more money than we need?”, to which I say “Give some away!”

Never take advantage of the weak, lest your weakness be exposed by their Maker (Prov 23:10-11).

Neglecting a child in discipline is wishing their death (Prov 23:13-14). Be diligent in parenting so your children may thrive in life!

Nothing whatsoever is more satisfying in the life of a parent than seeing our children live for the Lord. Nothing! (Prov 23:15-16; 24-25)

It is the responsibility of every parent to instruct their children to avoid behaviors that are destructive. Whether sexual lust (Prov 23:27-28) or substance abuse (Prov 23:29-35), children must be shown that these behaviors, so prevalent among humankind, must be avoided. Nothing good comes from giving in to an adulterous opportunity or too much alcohol. Scripture is clear, and thus God has spoken, that these behaviors only devastate and demolish our soul and our body.

Children Are A Treasure From The Lord
Halls ring with echoes of laughter
Long after they’ve come and gone
For the memory of a tiny face and playful grin
Still brings a smile, reminding us again
That children are a treasure from the Lord

Songs sweetly sung by the cradle
Prayers whispered just before bed
And we taught them “Jesus loves you” in a simple song
And we pray they won’t forget their whole life long
Children are a treasure from the Lord
Those bright and trusting eyes
Seem to take us by surprise
And they see what others older seem to miss
May the gift of faith they hold
Grow as they grow old
May they always know God will never let them go

At six they’re beginning their school days
Sixteen and they’re driving the car
And at twenty-one we’ll let them go on their first date
But of course they’ll be at home in bed by eight
Yes, children are a treasure from the Lord

Homes ring with echoes of laughter
Long after they’ve come and gone
And just knowing that our children really love the Lord
Is a faithful parent’s passion and reward
Yes, children are a treasure from the Lord
Children are a treasure from the Lord
Yes, children are a treasure from the Lord

HT: As sung by Steve Green

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