Two more posts to go in this series. It’s been refreshing to spend consistent time thinking and musing over Proverbs. Hopefully I’ve gained some wisdom and it’s made (is making) a difference in my life as well as in my head.

“Know thyself” —Socrates
“Know your limitations” —God (Prov 30:1-4)

Since God’s words are perfect, there’s nothing more (or less) one can say (Prov 30:5-6)

Truth and contentment. With these we shall rest in peace (Prov 30:7-9). Interestingly, the material contentment spoken of here is tied to our relationship with God. Whether too much or too little, our material lot in life impacts our view of God.

Contentment runs deeper than material well-being. We could easily be discontent with our status before others and seek to destroy them in an effort to exalt ourselves (Prov. 30:10-16).

Honor your father and your mother that it may go well with you (Prov 30:17).

Some things easily manipulate and are mysterious (Prov 30:18-19). You’ve been warned!

Some circumstances are fitting; others are not (Prov 30:21-23).

Wisdom is no respecter of volume. Big things come in small packages (Prov 30:24-28).

When authority displays certainty, assume a position of submission (Prov 30:29-31).

Where there is anger there is strife (Prov 30:32-33).

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