I began this series indicating that the primary purpose is for me to stay regularly in the inspired text and that my desire was to post in this series no less than once per week. By God’s grace, this post meets that goal. As originally stated, these are my musings only, with no claim to lucidity or perspicuity. Without a doubt I’ve been faithful to that claim as well.

What better voice than that of a woman’s to warn a man of other women (Prov 31:1-3)? Of course, since the woman’s voice is a mother’s voice, then it should be doubly heeded.

Excessive alcohol impairs memory and compromises justice. Period! Do we really need someone to tell us this? Apparently, we do (Prov 31:4-7).

Justice needs a voice (Prov 31:8-9).

Character is priceless. So too is a wife (or husband) with it.

Industrious, profitable, thrifty, disciplined, strong, strategic, skilled, compassionate, trustworthy, focused, discerning, modest, attractive, light-hearted, wise, praised, God-fearing, honorable (Prov 31:10-31). These are all the traits of my wife (the McDonald’s cup is the “thrifty” part).

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