For the last couple weeks I’ve been reading (and re-reading) on apologetic methodology. This is to prepare and present to the newly formed Reasonable Faith Chapter here in Phoenix at the 2nd meeting, which will be held tomorrow, Tuesday.

On Wednesday I’ll post my handout: “Apologetic Taxonomy: Methodological Approaches.” The methods I cover are presuppositional, evidential, reformed epistemology, and verificational. For each method, I offer talking points on the following categories:

  • View of humanity
  • Common ground
  • Conditions to evaluate the world
  • Use of logic
  • Implication

Sources that I referenced include:


  1. A great book, which Justin Taylor has dubbed “Plantinga for Dummies”, is “A Shot of Faith {to the head}” by Mitch Stokes. It is one of the best popular books on apologetics that I’ve read in a long time and now my first choice as a good intro to Plantinga. I don’t care much for the title or the cover but the contents are superb.

  2. Ah ha! Knew I should’ve contacted you first before composing my presentation! ‘-)
    Oh well, the show must go on, but will be sure to pick this one up. Any intro to Plantinga is a friend of mine (and to philosophers-at-large)!

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