It happens to every human. The final, indubitable ending: DEATH. Is there life after death? When your life terminates on this earth, does it come to an end? Does it matter? Though a variety of options are available, there really are only a few choices. No one is exempt from deciding.  Here are your choices:

  1. Resurrection
    (after death a person takes up a bodily existence somewhere else than earth, typically in either heaven or hell)
  2. Reincarnation
    (after death a person is “re-versioned” taking up a new bodily existence on earth)
  3. Annihilation
    (after death persons cease to exist; non-existence is the fate of all)
  4. Yea, right….whatever!
    (indifference; apathy)
  5. I really don’t know and do not want to decide.
    (mystery; agnostic)

Choosing either option 1), 2), or 3) logically and necessarily excludes the other two options. Choosing options 4) or 5) does not delay the inevitable fact that YOU WILL DIE someday. Just as the how and when of your life’s ending are not up to you, so too the decision to live forever is not your choice. The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado at least teaches us this much.

And so, since it follows that a) we all die, and b) we do not get to choose when we die, and c) how we die is also not up to us, then options 4) and 5) hardly compel us to remain on the fence. That bird’s eye view may have psychological appeal, but as Abraham Lincoln is known to have said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Decisions and choices have consequences and those consequences are indifferent as to whether or not you agree with them. Note too that option 4) really is just an attitude or disposition. Option 5), though a rational choice, provides no answers about the possibility of an afterlife; it only applies to this life. Your impending death continues to emerge and nothing will stop or deter that trajectory.

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