For those who frequent my blog you may have noticed that new posts have been few. To give my readers something and to keep this blog moderately active, I’ve reposted snippets from previous writings about once per week. However, I’m expecting that to change, since I have had a considerable change to my availability. I learned earlier this week that my position at work has been “eliminated” (of course the work that I did continues, oddly enough). After some regret (approximately 25 minutes), my demeanor moved gradually to rejoicing (just about enough time for me to collect some things from the office, head to the car, and drive off campus.)

I am especially grateful to God for providing a handsomely compensated career, but the stress that went along with the remuneration was hardly worth it. So, I’ve chosen not to return to work for some time. Many things are on the docket, some of which include travel, volunteer work, learning my digital SLR, clean my grill, wash my cars, help my neighbors, love my family more, pursue ministry opportunities, and last but certainly not least, read more and blog more.

My next post will likely be from a gift recently given to me titled The Mystery of God. Mike Wittmer has a good post on it here.

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