Andy Naselli has a brief from Bruce Ware’s The Man Christ Jesus: Theological Questions on the Humanity of Christ. The thesis is strikingly different from common parlance on the issue of whether or not Christ could have sinned. Ware states:

The impeccability of Christ by virtue of his impeccable divine nature united to his human nature has nothing directly to do with how he resisted temptation and how it was that he did not sin. Yes, Christ was impeccable, but his impeccability is quite literally irrelevant to explaining his sinlessness. The common evangelical intuition seems to be this: if the reason Christ could not sin is that he is God, then the reason Christ did not sin must likewise be that he is God. My proposal denies this symmetry and insists that the questions of why Christ could not sin and why he did not sin require, instead, remarkably different answers.

Read the whole thing here.

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