Here’s a solid and balanced response to the sheer nonsense coming out of the extreme complementarian camp (yes, there are degrees of complementarianism). See also, Rachel Held Evans’s insanely sane treatment of the issues.

Also, Matt Mikalatos jabs in “How Sesame Street is Undermining Biblical Values

“Strachan explains that this is the undermining of Protestant values, because boys shouldn’t be taught to play with dolls, and that after this confusing message from Gordon, Baby Bear needs the Gospel. While I sympathize with Strachan’s concern that boys might grow up to be nurturing fathers, both he and Sesame Street are missing the point. The fact is, Baby Bear should not be playing with baby dolls. He is a bear. And socializing him with humans (let alone human babies) can only bring grief. I know, you might think I’m overreacting, but the Bible is very clear on the role of bears in human relationships. They are meant to be voracious killing machines. I mean, the ONE COMMAND God gives specifically to bears is to “Arise and devour much flesh.” This attempt to anthropomorphize and humanize bears strikes at the heart of everything the gospel teaches about bears.”

As someone recently commented (paraphrasing) “Gentleness is a manifestation of God’s Spirit. It is NOT intended only for females!”


  1. I suspect that the CBMW types are realizing to some degree that they are losing their desire for supremacy and are reaching for anything to help keep them afloat.

  2. Perhaps…but reaching for this outrageous association is culturally myopic (to put it kindly)!

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