Terrance L. Tiessen has a pastorally sensitive and carefully crafted post on the importance of charitable responses to theological differences titled “Choose Your Theological Mystery or Conundrum“. In it he points to the ongoing discussions and lack of resolutions around monergism and synergism in salvation and sanctification, and he addresses those “pesky Calvinists” mentioned in a recent post by Scot McKnight. Though Tiessen’s post is a bit long and some may not be familiar with the particulars, his conclusion is one which I could not agree more:

The church needs to be a place in which it is safe for people to change their theological minds about issues where there is no Christian consensus, even when the issue is as momentous as synergism/monergism. The freedom of religion that Protestants rightly champion must be real within Protestant churches and within theological discussions between those of us who delight in our understanding of God and who believe it to be true. Strong theological conviction is a very good thing, but if it is not accompanied by humility and grace, something is wrong with the theological framework within which that conviction is held.

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