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As many of our friends and family already know, my wife and I are in the midst of a move to North Carolina (likely the Raleigh area). One of the important items on our list is finding a church community where we can continue to grow in our faith. A friend on Facebook asked what kind of church we would be looking for so I’ve jotted down a few points. Quite simply we desire a church that is empowered by the Spirit of God and enlightened by the Word of God to embrace every opportunity to serve the people of God with truth, love, excellence, humility, and integrity.

Since becoming God’s people we relate to one another as indispensible members of a larger family (1 Cor. 12:12-16). And so, we are committed to the principle that effective ministry always occurs in the context of relationships. Finding the right fit in a community of believers who value and, however meager, intentionally live out the values listed below is quintessential to us.

To this end, we prayerfully and hopefully long for the following:

  • the gospel message is defined with clarity, defended for purity, and presented with sensitivity as the only means of eternal hope and happiness
  • it’s okay to ask questions or explore the claims of Christianity
  • devotion to God’s Word moves increasingly from learning it to loving it to living it
  • true delight and happiness are found in seeing the image of Christ formed in others
  • worship is an authentic response to our ever-increasing love for Jesus
  • dependence upon God in prayer is a daily reality
  • fellowship results from deepening and maturing relationships
  • the spiritual disciplines are intentionally integrated into all of life
  • outreach to the disenfranchised and poor is actively and compassionately pursued
  • a global concern for God’s work in the world generates creative and strategic involvement


If you would, kindly pray for our wisdom as we set out on our journey.

Sincerely and in Christ Jesus,

Paul & Patty


  1. ‘we desire a church’ Perhaps you might consider turning that phrase around? Possibly it might be ‘a church that desires you.’

  2. Ha! Good word brgeem. After all the mutuality is what sustains any relationship, eh?

  3. Sometimes we need to reflect on our personal mission/ministry and ask, where does God want us, not where do we want to be. Always a hard one. Maybe what ‘you’ choose is also God’s choice. Prayers and blessings.

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