Thinking, Doing, Feeling, or Being?

This is so very good on so many levels. I was first introduced to Michael Ramsden several years ago on another audio talk and I was quickly endeared to his truly winsome style, eloquent speak, and intellectual prowess. I have since heard him speak personally and on many other venues and media.

The breadth of this talk is immense as it touches on philosophy, sociology, neuroscience, apologetics, world religions, psychology, and much more. But most of all and most important of all, it bridges all of the disciplines into the wonderful and profoundly true gospel of Jesus Christ. In clear and undeniable terms Ramsden illustrates that the good news is centered on and grounded in the person of Jesus Christ. I urge my fellow apologists and everyone to watch this and learn! (Incidentally, you can pick up his subsequent talk the next evening here.)


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