My last post was on marriage, divorce, and remarriage so I’ll continue in that vein and address the number one issue on everyone’s radar. Sexuality. I’ve purposefully not posted on this topic because a) I’m still formulating my thinking and b) there is so much ugliness and lack of civility in this space. For these reasons, I’m not allowing comments on this post.

Nevertheless the issue of human sexuality is so large in our culture today, I wanted to provide a pointer to some outstanding resources that deserve your attention, curated by my good friend Kevin James Bywater, Director of Summit Oxford.

The wisdom and grace that exude from both Ryan T. Anderson and Rosaria Champange Butterfield is priceless. The videos are well worth your time and I do hope you view, listen, and ponder their proposals (one is offered below if you wish not to click out just yet). There is so very much here that the contemporary Church can learn from these voices. And do check out Kevin’s post “Orienting Marriage” for some thoughtful materials.

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