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Delighting in the Trinity is subtitled “An Introduction to the Christian Faith” for a reason. Michael Reeves has done a superb job of taking an often complicated yet absolutely foundational doctrine of the Christian faith and made it accessible and personal.

From start to finish, the author insists that the one distinctive aspect of the Christian faith is the Triune God who is loving. The quote below nicely summarizes much of this book and is intended to tease and encourage everyone to read this fine offering from Reeves.

If God were not personal, he could not be merciful (things do not show mercy); but if God were just one person, then love of the other would not be central to his being. There would have been nobody in eternity for him to love. Thus the only God inherently inclined to show mercy is the Father who has eternally loved his Son by the Spirit. (p 112)

My only negative observation is with Reeves applying the Trinity to Christian marriage (see p 28). However, there is much here for the new believer and for those who have a long walk with Christ.

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