Kruger on Canon

Good stuff here by Dr. Michael J. Kruger.

Ten Basic Facts about the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize

  1. The New Testament Books are the Earliest Christian Writings We Possess
  2. Apocryphal Writings are All Written in the Second Century or Later
  3. The New Testament Books Are Unique Because They Are Apostolic Books
  4. Some NT Writers Quote Other NT Writers as Scripture
  5. The Four Gospels are Well Established by the End of the Second Century
  6. At the End of the Second Century, the Muratorian Fragment lists 22 of our 27 NT books
  7. Early Christians Often Used Non-Canonical Writings
  8. The NT Canon Was Not Decided at Nicea—Nor Any Other Church Council
  9. Christians Did Disagree about the Canonicity of Some NT Books
  10. Early Christians Believed that Canonical Books were Self-Authenticating

Tip o’ the hat to my friend Kevin Bywater.

See also Kruger’s 10 Misconceptions About the NT Canon.

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