Exegetical Fallacies: Resource

When I first read D. A. Carson’s now classic Exegetical Fallacies, it changed my understanding not only of the Greek language, but more importantly my theology. At the time, so much of my theology was rooted in wrong thinking about key words and ideas based upon, what I thought, were sound principles of translation from Greek. Carson’s book set my learning on a whole new trajectory that continues to prove far richer than I ever imagined and I remain in his debt. Here’s a sample post in which I refer to it.

I just learned of a new resource, still being written, that summarizes his book. I highly recommend it to you. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here.

Here’s a quote from Carson’s book.

Why Are Fire Engines Red?

They have four wheels and eight men;
four plus eight is twelve;
twelve inches make a ruler;
a ruler is Queen Elizabeth;
Queen Elizabeth sails the seven seas;
the seven seas have fish;
the fish have fins;
the Finns hate the Russians;
the Russians are red;
fire engines are always rushin’;
so they’re red.

“Logical Fallacies” (p. 87)

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