The Spirituality of Wine

This offering by Gisela Kreglinger titled The Spirituality of Wine is informative and rich. Some quotes below are intended to whet your appetite (pun intended!).

Do take time to listen to the podcast as most of my commentary came from her work (with a hat tip in the direction of Roger Scruton).

“All things have spiritual meaning in the Christian faith precisely because of our belief that God created the world in such a way that the spiritual and the material are profoundly intertwined. This fundamental character of Christian spirituality finds its climax in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, when God took on human flesh and lived among his people. The Lord’s Supper further challenges dualistic understandings of spirituality. In the Lord’s Supper we embrace, cherish, and practice the God-given interconnectedness between spiritual and material realities; we learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. The use of seemingly ordinary things, such as bread and wine, in the Lord’s Supper challenges us to see that everyday aspects of our lives are imputed with spiritual meaning.” (p 2)

“Our participation in the ritual of the Lord’s Supper, with its emphasis on the movement of the body and different bodily postures and gestures, teaches us something fundamental about the Christian faith, something that is a very hard lesson to learn: that we are not in charge of our salvation and our spiritual growth…Just as we partake by receiving Christ in the bread and wine, so must our fundamental posture in the Christian life be that of receptivity. It is an active willingness to remain poor and open at the center of our lives in order to receive Christ and his ongoing work through the Holy Spirit. We must learn to cease from striving and to trust that living consistently at the brink of exhaustion is not the mark of the spiritual life or a virtue for which we should strive.” (p 81)

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