Why can’t thoughtful, intelligent, highly-educated men and women whose commitment to Scripture and Christian truth is unquestionable see things for the way they really are? Why must believers talk past one another without hearing one another? To be sure there are countless disparities and contradictions in the historical records of the Church. But this one related to creation and evolution persists through the ages and I get weary reading about it. I do so wish we could sit down and listen to each other and come to terms with this issue. So much is at stake.

To that end, BioLogos has done a superb job in seeking to close the intellectual gap. I heartily recommend this critique by the organization’s president, Deborah Haarsma. Here’s an excerpt from A Flawed Mirror: A Response to the Book “Theistic Evolution”.

Let me be clear that all of us at BioLogos fully and ardently affirm that the universe is designed. The wonders we encounter, from massive galaxy clusters to tiny viruses, continually amaze us and move our hearts and minds to ponder the Designer of it all. For us, design is seen just as much in God’s governance of natural processes as in God’s supernatural action. Science expands our amazement of how God works and increases our worship. Whether or not science has an explanation for a phenomenon in the natural world, through the eyes of faith we see God’s creative power and providential care.

Also, I encourage a careful read through my review of Alvin Plantinga’s Where the Conflict Really Lies.

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