This is simply outstanding on every level!

It is a passionate, biblically robust, and sweeping take on the storyline of God’s redemptive plan. I highly encourage everyone to listen in and feel the “constellation of hope” found in the good news of the Christian faith.

The entire series of Michael’s presentation based on his Evangelical Theology text can be found here. Or, the DVD set can be purchased at Amazon. The series description reads:

An antidote to presentations of theology that are dry and cerebral, Evangelical Theology Video Lectures is filled with vibrant examples and Michael Bird’s distinctive sense of humor that will keep you engaged as you learn the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. Bird presents a unique approach to systematic theology that contends the center, unity, and boundary of the evangelical faith is the ‘evangel,’ or gospel, as opposed to doctrines like justification by faith or inerrancy.
Through 45 lessons, these lectures present a truly evangelical theology, one focused on performing and living out the gospel in the theater of Christian life. Alongside the Evangelical Theology textbook, these videos represent an ideal way for students and laypeople to explore theology.

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