Practically every lady who has ever done a bible study has heard of Beth Moore. With the recent fallout on the departure from her Southern Baptist roots (check out her tweets from 4/7/2021), I’ve decided to read three books around this ongoing hot topic of gender roles in the home, the church, and the world. For those who do not know, complementarianism is the dominant view in American Christianity that maintains all women everywhere for all time are under the spiritual authority of their husbands and/or male pastors. This view, it is maintained, is supported by Scripture and, therefore, has the authority of God behind it. One of many consequences from this position is that women cannot hold a senior or lead position in the church. I beg to differ (see my posts on the opposing view commonly known as egalitarianism or my preferred handle, “mutualist”).

For a nice and brief sum of the issues, listen to NPR’s Morning Edition here. I announce these books here for any who may not already be aware and with hope that a wider readership will be reached. Click the images to link out to Amazon for details and ordering of each. When socializing use #makingbiblicalwomanhood or #jesusandjohnwayne!

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