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The debt I owe to those who have written so well is so very large. I am grateful for their inspiration and the mentorship through their pen on my journey in faith. This site is a place for me to collect my musings and curate my readings and interests in theology, philosophy, and spiritual formation in the Christian tradition. In addition to book reviews (co-hosted on my Substack page), there are a variety of topics offered including bible exposition, church, culture, apologetics, and more on this page.

A bit about me

I completed the B.A. in sociology (with honors, Chapman University), and the M.A. in philosophy of religion from Denver Seminary (with honors). After 20 years as a professional guitarist in the United States Air Force Academy Band, I worked in the IT industry, taught full-time as adjunct professor of philosophy and religious studies, and served for many years as Board Member, Director of Information Technology, and Trip Leader with ConservationVIP®, a non-profit dedicated to the sustainability of some of the world’s greatest landscapes, cultural sites, and biodiversity. My wife, Patty, and I are grandparents to three amazing grandsons that bring delight and joy to our lives daily. We are occasional triathletes and devoted to outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, etc.

I hold memberships in the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Evangelical Theological Society. To read about the circumstances leading to my becoming a Christ-follower, browse to my journey page. You may view a personal doctrinal statement here. To learn more about my theology and academic interests, please visit essays & expositions.

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