What is the role of faith and reason in belief formation? Is there a difference between a preference, an opinion, and a belief? Is faith opposed to reason or does faith complement and work together with reason? First, faith is not fideism (a blind leap into the unknown; uncritical acceptanceContinue Reading

Apologetics Beyond Reason ventures into nontraditional territory when it comes to classic apologetics. I’m familiar with Sire’s other work, have benefitted greatly from it, so this title grabbed my attention. Coming from the analytic tradition, I was intrigued how one might get “beyond reason” without also utilizing reason when defending theContinue Reading

Introduction What is the relationship between faith and reason? Does faith require that we have reasons to believe or is faith merely a blind leap in the dark? Is faith a product of rational inquiry where our minds investigate first before we commit to a belief? Or do we commitContinue Reading

I just discovered that Gary Habermas’ book Dealing with Doubt is available free in its entirety at his website here. This is a keen analysis with sage advice on dealing with and healing from doubt. Here’s a blurb from the chapter on emotional doubt: To illustrate the affect of one’sContinue Reading

The final post in this series speaks to the myth that we can remain neutral in our beliefs. The Myth of Neutrality Can we really be neutral about our beliefs and not commit? The short answer is “No.” To sit on the fence is still to take a position, namely,Continue Reading

Part 3, in this series addresses doubt. What about Doubt? Is commitment to a belief compatible with criticism of that belief? Put differently, is there any value in doubting my beliefs? How much doubt can I have in my beliefs and still hold them to be true? Consider the following:Continue Reading

Part 2 in this series discusses the objectivity and subjectivity of our beliefs. The Nature of Truth Claims Some claims are subjective, private, and personal. Other claims are objective, public, and factual. If I claim that the capital of Georgia is Atlanta, and someone responds “That’s true,” then what othersContinue Reading

Having just attended the Smart Faith conference last weekend, I heard the same motif in almost every plenary and breakout session: Faith is not blind. Faith is rational. With all due respect to the Christian mystics and fideists, I could not agree more. So, in the spirit if that agreement,Continue Reading