The other day my daughter invited me to join her on a trip to Babys R Us to shop for a new toy for her 16-month old son (my grandson). Of course, “Grampy” said “Yes!,” so off we went. During the ride my daughter quipped “What’s up with building aRead More

This is the final post in this series [see Part 1] | Part 2]. Before I begin, however, I wanted to alert readers to a newsflash. NPR has reported that documents from 1881 were recently discovered in a storage closet in the Arizona Cochise County courthouse showing an original eyewitness account ofRead More

This is the second of a 3-part series [See Part 1]. The earliest list of books to be regarded as canonical came from Rome about 140CE. The heretic Marcion believed the god of the OT to be inferior to the god of the NT and sought to provide a listRead More

It no surprise to readers of this blog that I am a biblical egalitarian regarding gender roles in the Church, home, and society (see my series here for just a few reasons). I just stumbled upon this post titled “Feminist Sensibilities as an Issue for Christian Apologists” by Doug Geivett.Read More

For nearly twenty centuries Christianity has had the inspired and authoritative New Testament as its rule for faith and practice. How these twenty-seven books came to be recognized as God’s Word and accepted by Christians is the topic of the New Testament (NT) canon. Apart from an established canon orRead More

The problem of evil is a sticky wicket for all theistic believers and thinking atheists know it. Thanks to David Hume’s classic recapitulation (taken from Epicurus), the theist has her work cut out to show that she “thinks well with others.” How might a theist respond to the typical atheistRead More

USA Today has an excellent article titled “How to sell Christianity? Ask an atheist”. Interestingly, it comports with and nicely complements my recent essay “Why Apologetics Is Important to Your Church” showing the necessity of a conversational rather than confrontational approach to evangelism. The conclusion reads: Conventional evangelism is oftenRead More

It is perfectly true, of course, that argument alone is quite insufficient to make a man a Christian. You may argue with him from now until the end of the world: you may bring forth the most magnificent arguments: but all will be in vain unless there be one otherRead More

James N. Anderson over at Analogical Thoughts has a trenchant review of the book I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution. He concludes that: …despite its irenic approach and the undoubted expertise of its author, this book fails in its goal of reconciling biblical Christianity with modern evolutionary science. Nevertheless,Read More

Yesterday, when suffering a mountain biking excursion with my wife in the cooler mountains of Prescott, Arizona our trail came upon a “cairn.” Immediately I wondered “How did this get here?” This pile shows signs of intentionality, design, and purpose. It’s a kind of signpost, or so it seems, constructedRead More

INTRODUCTION James W. Sire wrote a book titled Chris Chrisman Goes to College (IVP, 1993). In it he showed how the fictitious character, Chris Chrisman, grows up in an evangelical home with evangelical parents going to evangelical private school and attending evangelical church. When Chris goes off to secular collegeRead More