My review of Christianity and Religious Diversity: Clarifying Christian Commitments in a Globalizing Age by Harold Netland was first published in Philosophia Christi (17:1 [Summer 2015]), a peer-reviewed journal by the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and is offered here, with minor modifications, for a wider readership. I’m especially grateful to Dr. Craig J. Hazen for requestingContinue Reading

All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. Matthew 11:27 Jesus claims that his Father (i.e., God, cf., vv. 25-26) andContinue Reading

Wouldn’t it be good if water had one set of properties when we want to drink it but a different set of properties when a person was drowning? This is a question posed by C. Stephen Evans in Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges (p 70). It raises an important consideration whenContinue Reading

Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to Contemporary Challenges by C. Stephen Evans ably and plainly responds to many of the common myths and misunderstandings around the Christian faith. Whether questioning, doubting, or explicitly denying the basic tenets of Christianity, Evans’s newest would be an excellent read to offer in responseContinue Reading

Update: See my full review here. I’m about half way through Harold Netland‘s Christianity and Religious Diversity: Clarifying Christian Commitments in a Globalizing Age. Since Netland spent many years in Japan and has previously written on Buddhism (see here), I was looking forward to the chapter entitled “Buddhism in the ModernContinue Reading

Some modern-day theories seem to pit science against God, but why? In Science & God, author and social critic Os Guinness engages Oxford University Professor of Mathematics John Lennox in a conversation that explores this tension, with calculations that subtract neither God nor science. This discussion between Os Guinness andContinue Reading

Not sure about you but I’m still on a post-Easter kick and can’t get over the fact that Easter is not just one day each year. Easter is everyday! To that end I offer this apologetic tidbit based upon a straightforward reading of the biblical texts. Divine power did notContinue Reading

I just pre-ordered two books, both by two favored authors of mine. C. Stephen Evans is a solid and seasoned Christian philosopher who is also an especially lucid writer. His work on Kierkegaard and Christian existentialism is some of the finest. Harold Netland‘s Dissonant Voices was one of the assignedContinue Reading

Apologetics Beyond Reason ventures into nontraditional territory when it comes to classic apologetics. I’m familiar with Sire’s other work, have benefitted greatly from it, so this title grabbed my attention. Coming from the analytic tradition, I was intrigued how one might get “beyond reason” without also utilizing reason when defending theContinue Reading