Carmen Imes and Dru Johnson discuss what the imago Dei (image of God) is and is not. Speaking especially from the text of Genesis, some important insights are made. This is an excellent primer to Carmen’s upcoming release,  Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters. The podcast also sheds lightContinue Reading

It seems the biblical evidence is stronger for “sons of God” being angels in Genesis 6:1 for the following reasons: However, this conclusion is not without problems. For instance, if created beings are only capable of procreating after their own kind (according to Gen 1) then how do we explain the offspringContinue Reading

After reading Genesis 38, several questions came to mind. Naturally, I conferred with a commentary (one of my favorite OT guys) and found a wealth of insights. What follows is mainly from John H. Walton’s Genesis: The NIV Application Commentary, with my spin on a few things. Two questions that kept risingContinue Reading