When someone says “I know how you feel” I wonder, “Do you really?” Is it even possible for a person to know how anyone else feels? Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy. What follows is the first post on this blog, whichRead More

I began this series indicating that the primary purpose is for me to stay regularly in the inspired text and that my desire was to post in this series no less than once per week. By God’s grace, this post meets that goal. As originally stated, these are my musingsRead More

Two more posts to go in this series. It’s been refreshing to spend consistent time thinking and musing over Proverbs. Hopefully I’ve gained some wisdom and it’s made (is making) a difference in my life as well as in my head. “Know thyself” —Socrates “Know your limitations” —God (Prov 30:1-4)Read More

Learn by your mistakes, otherwise there is a point of no return (Prov 29:1). Words of praise must be carefully weighed (Prov 29:5). Integrity exacts a heavy price tag (Prov 29:10). The foolish and wicked are easily identified (Prov 29:7-9, 11). Disciplined children are a great reward (Prov 29:15; 17).Read More

Fear drives the wicked but courage is the lot of the wise (Prov 28:1). Multiple leaders may intimate foolish followers (Prov 28:2). Ignorance loves company (Prov 28:4) and riches can hinder objectivity (Prov 28:11). Wealth is relative (Prov 28:6). Moderation is a virtue….always (Prov 28:7). Obedience is a necessary ingredientRead More

What you say on your own behalf or on the behalf of another matters (Prov 27:1-2; 5-6). Human need makes some things truly relative (Prov 27:7). Biological bonds aren’t always the strongest (Prov 27:9-10). A parent can endure just about anything, if their children are well. But when the welfareRead More

Our world has a certain moral symmetry to it. When a timely word is spoken that says all and only what others need to hear, a friendly smile is returned that lifts the human spirit, or a warm embrace is offered to a lonely soul, the art of living isRead More

Knowing our place and staying in it before figures of authority, whether kings or judges, can be quite useful toward getting the results we desire (Prov 25:1-12). Submission yields favorable outcomes. Familiarity breeds contempt (Prov 25:17). Be moderate with the demands of a relationship. Everyone appreciates dependability; under no circumstancesRead More

No home is secured by nor sustained with foolishness. A steady, calculated, intentional application of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are required to establish a household that lasts. When challenges manifest (and they will), then strength is on the side of the wise (Prov 24:3-5). One word comes to mind whenRead More

No pretense here as this series continues avec seulement mes pensées (with merely my thoughts) on the text. Prov 23:1-8 speaks to moderating our lives in food, drink, and wealth. Apart from regulating the amount them, craving more and more of them can be deadly. Do not indulge in excessRead More

Scripture Text First Thought Prov 22:1 “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” What others think matters. Prov 22:2 “Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all.” Common Ground. Prov 22:4 “HumilityRead More